Saturday, October 12, 2013

Early Fall Sweaters & Knits :: Our Favorite

Top Row: (L) Anthropologie Moth Navy Cable Knit Sweater Sz. M $32  (R) Anthropologie Fever Hand-Knit Sweater Sz. S $42
Second Row: (L) Mercer & Madison Knit with Tied Sides Sz. M $26  (R) Anthropologie Sparrow Purple Sweater with Pin Sz. M $ 38
Third Row: (L) Anthropologie Moth Burgandy Hoodie Sweater Sz. L $38  (R) Comfy & Cozy Orange Sweater Sz. XL $36
Fourth Row: (L) Easy Jet Poncho One Sz. $42  (R) Anthropologie Fielel Flower Sweater
Sz. L $42


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